1700 Series Football Blue
1700 Series Football Blue

1700 Series Blue Footballs

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New 1700 series training football


Size 3 - Under 8 years old
Size 4 - 8 to 14 years old
Size 5 - 14 years +

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Perfect match quality and training football

New Vantaggio Design

Manufactured in synthetic PVC leather

Available in sizes 5, 4 & 3

Hand-stitched with latex bladder

*Note - when inflating ball with a pump it is critical that the needle is lubricated before insertion. We suggest soft soap would be a suitable substance.

Hand-Sewn Ball Care

The outer layer of our hand-sewn footballs is made of polyurethane, a type of synthetic leather. This is a very light material with superior elasticity and abrasion resistance. However, it may also deteriorate if exposed to excessive moisture. Be sure to follow the care and storage advice below. Your Molten ball will thank you for it, and help you push the limits of your sport for a long time to come.

After using the ball in rainy conditions, wipe it off well and leave it to dry out of the sun.  Store the ball in a dry, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

Be sure to keep the ball away from sharp objects such as barbed wire, broken metal netting, rose thorns, cactuses or anything else that might cause a puncture. Even holes that are invisible to the naked eye may cause air leakage.

Do not expose the ball to long periods of direct sunlight. Keep the ball away from excessive heat and humidity. Never wipe the surface with benzene. This applies to both natural or synthetic leather surfaces.

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1700 Series Blue Footballs

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1700 Series Blue Footballs
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